Welcome to ZNA America

ZNA America is the North American Regional District of Zen Nippon Airinkai, an International society based in Beppu Japan. 
"Our mission statement and goal is to spread the hobby of koi keeping, to Improve upon the husbandry techniques for maintaining koi, and to elevate the appreciation aspects of nishikigoi as living art"

The History of ZNA

ZNA ( Zen Nippon Airinkai) was first formed in Japan by local Japanese hobbyists. Starting from a regional organization in western Japan, this hobby movement of 'koi kichi' (translation: koi maniacs) evolved to redefine its identity and become a truly national/ International organization in 1968. Today there are chapters of like minded koi keepers in The United States, The United Kingdom, South Africa, Germany, Holland, Belgium, Taiwan, Singapore, Malaysia, Australia, Thailand, Hong Kong, Indonesia and Brazil.

The ZNA was the first koi fancier association to hold major koi shows. The first major Japanese hobbyist show took place in Beppu Japan in 1966 under the earlier western Nippon Airinkai. And the fourth show became the National/International ZNA's first truly national show ( 1969).
It was during this time that a system of shows was devised among and within seven Japanese districts that led to the ZNA ALL Japan Show. The founder, Dr Kuroki, had even a greater vision for ZNA, however.

It was declared, early on, that the purpose of " the Airinkai " was to establish strong relationships among members, and to contribute to the improvement of society and to the international relationship among members of the world through Nishikigoi.
And so the simple motto was born; Friendship through scales.

The first chapter in the USA was formed in Southern California in February of 1973 and since that time, member chapters have formed all over the United States.

As International as the 'koi' has become, you only need to scratch the surface of today's western love affair with pond keeping to see the Japanese origin of nishikigoi and ZNA's positive influence on the ponding hobby. Today the ZNA remains the culture behind the koi hobby. Deep in wisdom and rich in tradition.